“Welcome home!”

Returning to Lima still feels surreal.  Having less than a week between finishing finals and touching down at Jorge Chavez international airport made for quite a whirlwind.  I’m vaguely familiar with most things from the month I spent in Lima last year, but it still feels so different than home.

It’s been really great seeing my host family and all my other friends again; the Peruvian people are very warm and welcoming.  So far I’ve just been settling in and getting everything set up to start my work at the medical school (UPCH) on Monday.  I still have to figure out how to get there.  From what I hear, it’s about a one-hour bus ride from my house.

Last night Perú played Nigeria in soccer, so the streets were alive with screams of “GOLLLLLLL” (goal).  Perú won 1-0, so that was pretty exciting!  Soccer is incredibly popular throughout Latin America, and Perú is definitely no exception.  The whole country seems to come together over the games, and as you walk through the streets, you can see all the restaurants and bars packed with people huddled around the TV, all sharing in the game together.

After the game, my host family mother, brother, a family friend, and I walked around Barranco, which is the district of Lima in which I’m staying.  It has a reputation of being the “Bohemian” part of the city, and it’s even more beautiful than I remember (pictures to come soon).  We ate picarones, which are kind of like donuts that are served hot with a sugary syrup – delicious!  But Peruvian food never disappoints.

Today I hope to finalize banking details and reacquaint myself with the Lima bus system – it’s pretty hectic and takes some getting used to, but I’m hoping it comes back to me and I get the hang of it again quickly.  I haven’t taken any pictures yet, but I really should, so hopefully my next post will include some photos.  Until then, be well.  Un beso!